Sunday, September 4, 2011

more jabroni customers

so today a middle aged rich white guy was at the coffee bar (what else is new), and he asks the girl making the coffee for a fork. the girl tells him she doesnt know where they are stored and if he asks prepared foods, they will know (they are supposed to be refilled by customer service). So he says,"oh i have to ask? because last i checked i was the customer, now i have to go ask myself?"

the prepared foods section was like 10 feet away, i swear, these old fucks want to come in the supermarket and get spoiled like they are movie stars or something. whats with these shit heads?


  1. hahaha. you tell 'em! i know these guys are dicks or whatever... but I like reading these horror stories.

  2. Old people are lazy, the hard workes from generations past die young, only the lazy live forever!

  3. Well, you will find retard customers everywhere