Monday, August 1, 2011

The Jabronis i work with

Well, when i first got the job, i thought the customers would be the worst part, but instead the employees are the shittiest part, its all indy sluts and dumb ass hipster boys. It's a big clique and its all jabronis basically jerking each other off all day.

But they arent all bad, i've actually met  a few decent people. but for real, most of the people seem of the same mold, and i dont really fit in with most of them. but thats my fault maybe.


  1. The nice thing about indie sluts: they can be pretty hot :P

    I used to work at a similar store, focusing on organic and low processed foods.. it never got any better :\.

    does whole foods have a union?

  2. yeah indie girls are very pretty and easy to get because they are so into a certain type of guy.

    whole foods doesnt have a union.

  3. Indie sluts can be pretty hot.....

    Where do you work?